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You can find an assortment of VIP Pro Beauty healthy hair care products under one roof. The products are the result of about thirty years of research in the field by Ms. Angela DiLeone. Let us look at some of our bestselling healthy hair care products:


VIP Pro Beauty Strengthening Shampoo comes with a winning formula of biotin, ProVitamin B5, and botanical extracts. Biotins and ProVitamin B5 nourish and strengthen dull and damaged hair. Seven botanical extracts of our shampoo soothe and condition the hair and scalp. With regular use of our shampoo, your hair will naturally look and feel thicker, healthier, and luxurious

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Healthy Hair

Hair Conditioner

VIP Pro Beauty Strengthening Conditioner reduces friction between the strands of hair. It has a rich amount of biotin, ProVitamin B5, Amino acid, botanical extracts, etc. The special blend of eleven amino acids - the building blocks of protein - repairs hair shafts quite effectively. It also has anti-aging properties and UV protectants to shield your hair from exterior irritants.

Hair Serum

VIP Pro Beauty Hair Serum such as I AM STRONG 3-in-1 Hairspray is known for the goodness of biotin, coconut oil, and eleven botanical extracts. It helps make a shield on the hair which guards hair against dryness and roughness. Hair serum defrizzes and detangles the hair. It also protects it from any future damage and color fading

Grow my Hair Fast Kit! 3- Products and Free Turbin Towel

Grow my hair fast kit is a growth kit for every individual who is looking for quick and healthy hair growth. It contains strengthening shampoo, strengthening conditioner, and strengthening serum. The growth kit also has a free Turbin towel. The products are known for the goodness of Biotin, Provitamin B5, Amino acid, and Botanical extracts. They nourish, strengthen, and add a beautiful shine to hair. After regular use, your hair will naturally look and feel thicker, healthier, and luxurious. They are safe for all hair textures and types.

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