VIP PRO BEAUTY was founded in 2020 by Angela DiLeone. Angela has been in the beauty business for over thirty years as a professional hair stylist. She has searched for years to find a universal product line that was perfect for every hair type and texture. Nothing on the market held up to her standards, so she decided to create the perfect hair care line for her clients. Angela understands her clients' individual hair care needs, but ultimately, she knows that everyone yearns for vibrant and healthy hair.


We believe that each one of our clients is unique, but everyone has the same needs for healthy and vibrant hair. It's no secret that hair needs biotin, keratin, and botanicals to create moisture and vibrancy, without weighing it down. Most importantly, everyone deserves to enjoy quality professional products minus all of the unnecessary chemicals, without having to pay a visit to the hair salon.

VIP PRO BEAUTY offers clients a wide range of hair products for every hair type, texture, color and style. The products are packed with three times the amount of biotin and botanical extracts as other hair care products. ​They are also free of sulfates and parabens, cruelty free, and vegan.


Angela always says that she is in the business of making people feel great. However, confidence comes from not only looking great on the outside, but feeling great on the inside too! Angela wanted a way to spark confidence and positivity in her clients, even when they are not in her chair.

Each VIP PRO BEAUTY product includes an affirmation. We believe that affirmations are powerful, and they can help us create the reality we want— whether that's love, happiness, wealth, or GREAT HAIR! Start your day off with one of our products and be reminded that you are HEALTHY, VIVACIOUS, BOLD, RENEWED, SLEEK, and STRONG!